Home Rituals

Home Rituals

Celebrating sustainable living at home with our friends SoL and At Liberty Studios

What better way to share the pleasures of wellmade things than by creating real-world spaces providing immersive, sensorial experiences? Working with our friends and fellow Hong Kong-based entrepreneurs SoL and At Liberty Studio, along with a fantastic array of like-minded contributors, we developed the Home Rituals concept to do just that, exploring possibilities for a more fulfilling connection to the places we call home along the way.

Sustainable loungewear brand SoL was founded by Lois Tien to offer luxurious comfort in the home for those mindful of the provenance and impact of the goods they choose.

At Liberty Studios is a creative agency representing craft-focused brands. Its founder, Kate Jones, brings products to the Home Rituals experience that reflect our shared commitment to wellbeing and taking time for oneself through sustainable living.

And of course we at Baea bring our contemporary nature-inspired bedding made from 100% organic cotton, along with a carefully selected range of finely crafted objects and textiles, including handmade ceramics by Lauren Nauman and luxurious Nuno throws and pillows by Madda Studios in Oaxaca.

Home Rituals No 1

For the first Home Rituals we created a popup space on Hong Kong’s historic Hollywood Road, reimagining the home with nature and self-care at its core. Completing our vision of a full sensory experience, At Liberty Studio selected incense and scents by Bodha, a therapeutic perfumer. There were also delights for the tastebuds, with matcha whisking workshops from the artisans at Matchali — a perfect example of the kind of simple and calming rituals we could all use more of in the home.

Home Rituals No 2

Not wanting to rest on our laurels, we quickly set about organising a second Home Rituals iteration. This time we took over the entire ground floor of House of Madison’s elegant new townhouse-style flagship store. 

We took inspiration from the Chinese New Year celebrations happening concurrently, with each brand bringing something new to the mix. At Baea, we launched new colourways, including contemporary gold, silver and coral hues inspired by the freshness of new beginnings.

And we welcomed Movers & Cashmere into the fold, inviting them to add their exquisite cashmere garments to our space. 

Once again we were humbled by the response, and overjoyed to welcome so many guests into the world we’d worked so hard to create. We loved the many conversations and every opportunity to make new friends. After all, sharing ideas about sustainability, forging connections and encouraging dialogue around mindful approaches to the home are what Home Rituals is all about.

The project continues: starting Sept 15th,  we’ll be bringing our concept to Rosewood Asaya — contributing to its “wellcation” experiences, retail spaces and holistic approach to wellness. 

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