Wild Meadow

$950.00 — $6,800.00 HKD

Hand-finished embroidery tells a story of wild grasses scattered by the breeze, with a distinctive design adorning our exceptionally soft organic cotton.

$950.00 — $6,800.00 HKD
$950.00 — $6,800.00 HKD

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    Fabric woven in Italy, then embroidered and hand finished in our atelier
    100% long staple organic cotton sateen 
    Adorned with plant-based buttons in off-white 
    Comes in a reusable fabric pouch

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      Taking good care of your bed linen preserves its quality.
      Wash at low temperatures (below 30 degrees Celsius).
      Hang or tumble dry on low heat only.
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      All of our Collection items are made to order, because we believe in making things with intention, and with you in mind. That mindset both reduces waste and further instills thoughtfulness and consideration into our products and processes. Our atelier hand-finishes each product: this process takes at most, two weeks. 

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    Behind the design

    Like Meadow, this design plays on the eccentric shapes of seed heads in pastures and fallow fields. In Wild Meadow, the arrangement of the embroidered motifs alludes to the captivating sway of the stalks in the wind. The pattern flows organically across the sheet set, scattered as if by a gentle breeze and reflecting the endless variety of forms found in wild grasses — hence the many subtle variations to the design you’ll be noticing for years to come.
    Wild Meadow

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